How I went from not being able to walk at 40 to the best shape of my life at 45

How I went from not being able to walk at 40 to the best shape of my life at 45

Posted by Neil Saunders on 2020 Feb 4th

My Story

About 5 years ago, just before my 40th birthday, I suffered from a bulged disc in my low back that impinged the sciatic nerve in my left leg. The pain was so severe, I was not able to walk for about 4 weeks after the initial injury. It's been a slow but rewarding road to recovery since then.  Keep reading to learn what caused this and what I did to become stronger and healthier than I was in my 20's.

My Problem

In high school and university, I was quite athletic. I could jump high and run fast. But I always had sore knees and feet after playing basketball. In grade 11, I was told by a Chiropractor that I had mild scoliosis but that it wasn't serious and there was nothing I could do about it anyway.

He prescribed leather orthotics that looked like they were from the middle ages. They were supposed to help "re-align" my feet and knees. Surprise, surprise... they didn't work and only made my feet hurt more. Fast forward about 20 years of just living with my scoliosis and the imbalance in my spine resulted in a bulged disc on my left side. 

Scoliosis is a medical condition in which a person's spine has a sideways curve.

What does this have to do with me?

Even if you have a perfectly healthy spine; which let's face it, most of us don't, you can benefit from what I learned on my road to recovery.

One Simple Key

The secret to a pain-free back or even an athletic, explosive back, is strong core muscles. And I don't just mean strong abs. I'm talking about a whole collection of core muscles that wrap around your waist and pelvis like a compression strap that cinches your spine in place and makes it very stable. The real trick is learning how "turn on" that strap and then work on cinching it tight. 


Unfortunately, this solution requires effort on your part. The good news is that you can work on contracting and strengthen your core muscles anytime, anywhere. While you're sitting or while you're standing. While you're walking or while you're running. The most important factor is awareness. Once you become aware of your core, the more time you spend focusing your attention on contracting it, maintaining good posture, etc. The stronger and more engaged it will become over time.


Neil Saunders

CEO Clutch Chairz 

BSc. Kinesiology

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