Clutch Chairz Now Offers Layaway with PayPal Credit

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June 1, 2017
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Clutch Chairz Now Offers Layaway with PayPal Credit

One reason you may be a little hesitant to purchase one of the chairs is the price. As we said before, it’s a great investment and you get what you pay for, but not everyone can drop hundreds of dollars all at once. We understand you may have bills, or your love for gaming makes it a little hard to save, so you may not want to pay all at once. Well, do we have some good news for you? You don’t have to pay for the chair all at once, as we offer PayPal Credit.

What is PayPal Credit?

You are probably familiar with PayPal by now. Millions use the site to make online purchases, send money to friends, store money, and more. Preferred payment method or not, it’s a big contender in the world of purchasing online, and we’re happy to support it.

PayPal Credit is their financing department, basically. They finance your purchase, and you pay over time. This makes it great for big purchases and even vacations, and is perfect for Clutch Chairz, as they offer one amazing deal:

No interest on purchases $99 or more if you pay them off in 6 months.

Interest sucks, but it’s a necessary evil. No one would lend you money if they didn’t expect a profit, so it’s refreshing to see PayPal offer an interest-free option. Say you buy a chair for $350. This means that you can pay about $58.33 a month and have it paid off interest-free. This makes our chairs much less intimidating on your bank account, and gives you a little peace of mind.

Where Can I Sign Up for it?

Just click here to learn more about PayPal Credit. Here, you can learn a little more if you’re still skeptical, and you can apply for it as well. To get accepted, all you need is your date of birth and your Social Security number. That’s it. No bull. You’ll soon learn if you’re qualified or not.

An Easier Way to Pay

Paying off with PayPal credit will make your purchase much easier, and it’s a great way to build your credit as well. So you can have fun and level up your adulating, too. So if the price has put you off on purchasing our chairs, see if you qualify for PayPal Credit. Enjoy your chair now, pay later. That’s the way to do it.


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