Clutch Chairz Statement Regarding Pewdiepie Partnership

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September 14, 2017
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October 24, 2017
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Clutch Chairz Statement Regarding Pewdiepie Partnership

Clutch Chairz Statement Regarding Pewdiepie Partnership

I would like to explain why we decided to proceed with a Pewdiepie partnership given his latest comments while live streaming.

To be honest, my initial reaction was not to proceed. Clutch prides itself on diversity, we have multiple ethnicities and races at all levels, including ownership and management. So let’s be clear, we reject racism, hatred, and bigotry in all forms. This was a very difficult decision for us and we went through a lot of internal debate.

To be fair, however, I feel it’s important to note that Felix sent us a personal apology the same day, taking full responsibility for his mistake and he made a public apology the next day which I thought was sincere. Given this and what I knew of him previously, I felt that there was no malice in his heart.

I’m not making any excuses for his actions, it was wrong, and I think he realizes now just how wrong it was. However, I do think that what is in your heart matters. We all make mistakes, it’s how we learn and grow as people. What we should be judged on is how we respond to those mistakes.

The most important thing is that we support each other. And Clutch is a big believer in supporting media that empowers individuals such as YouTube, Twiter, Twitch, etc. Instead of focusing on things that divide us let’s focus on things that bring us together. For example, I think we can all agree that having a diverse group of independent creators, that can freely and openly express their unique perspectives, is a good thing.

For these reasons and more, we decided to continue with the partnership and we will continue to support individual creators on various platforms. Our hope is to use this as a means to create a positive conversation and an opportunity to gain a greater understanding.


Neil Saunders



  1. shred says:

    I actually really appreciate this, thank you for keeping the chair around. You seem to be far more understanding than most people out there. Everyone claims people make mistakes, that people should be forgiven and given second chances. You actually followed through with that behavior and I’m glad I ordered the PEWDIEPIE throttle chair. I will do a video myself on the chair when it comes in to support you guys!

  2. Zack says:

    Thank you for continuing your partnership. I actually purchased one today. It means a lot that you are willing to stand people you know have integrity when they make public mistakes.

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