Why Destiny 2 Could Be the Next Big E-Sport

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June 23, 2017
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Why Destiny 2 Could Be the Next Big E-Sport

Destiny 2 E-Sport

Three years after Bungie released Destiny, its new competitive series after passing the Halo torch to 343, we’re approaching their next entry in the franchise, aptly titled Destiny 2, set to release on September 8 for consoles, with a PC release sometime down the road.

The first Destiny had a bit of a rocky start, receiving mixed-to-average scores. Unlike Halo, it wasn’t hailed as a game-changer or a killer app for a console, but just an average multiplayer game, with criticisms, focused on the lack of story and it being overly “grindy”in some parts. However, its expansion packs, particularly The Taken King and Rise of Iron, got much better praise, giving the world story on par with the Halo franchise, and with gameplay improvements.

Now, a full-fledged sequel is in the works, and we believe Bungie has found its footing and is about to release a game that will be the next big e-sport? Why? Here are some reasons.

Destiny 2 E-Sports

Easier Access to Lore

In Destiny 1, players had to obtain Grimoire Cards if they wanted to look deeper into the lore. In most games, you learn about lore through objects in the game itself, such as books in the library or writings in a hidden cave. However, the game instead made players use an app or look at Bungie’s website to find the cards, which was too much work for many players. In Destiny 2, this problem is fixed by implementing lore in the game. Now, why would this affect its e-sport status? By making players more invested in its world.

Sure, some gamers don’t care about the story; there are Halo players out there who haven’t even touched the campaign and don’t care about what Master Chief is up to, but on the opposite end, there are gamers who want more than just the gameplay. We believe part of the reason Overwatch got so popular is through its unique characters and stories, and we hope to see the same thing happen with Destiny.

Orbit is Obsolete

In the first Destiny, players had to go to orbit if they wanted to switch planets. If you haven’t played the first game, you go to a screen and select which planet you want to go to next, or activities you want to do. In Destiny 2, you can instantly go to whatever planet you want without going to orbit. It sounds like a small change, but every attempt to cut the fat of a game and make it faster paced ends up with a game that will keep players invested for a long time.

More Sub-Classes

Destiny 2 SubclassesWith any competitive game, you want variety in who you play as. Dungeons and Dragons are still popular to this day because it has so many classes and customizations to choose from, and the reason why fighting games are so popular is that they offer dozens of fighters with their own strengths and weaknesses. Destiny 2 is adding another subclass, and tweaking some other classes. They’re also offering some brand new Supers. A Super Ability, or just a Super, is a powerful move built up over time, which can turn the tables if used properly. Most great competitive games have one, and to see more added is a good move.

Some of the new subclasses that are confirmed included:

Dawnblade-Allows you to fly and fire projectiles at the enemies below you. This can obviously cause some mass destruction if used properly but leaves you in an open area, so watch out for any snipers.

Sentinel- In this subclass, you can use a shield to throw it at your opponents, or charge at them. If you’re a defensive player, this subclass is perfect!

Arcstriker: This allows you to attack your enemies close to you with a staff, and gives you the power to take out any nearby foes with ease. However, it does seem too similar to Bladedancer, a subclass that uses swords, so we hope to see some differences between the two.

The Ability to Import Your Character

Gamers love continuity. When a customizable character is able to be transferred to the next game, it’s comforting, and Destiny 2 will allow you to do so, but with some limits. Unfortunately, all of your equipment will not be transferred, as that will allow new players not to be intimidated by veterans, but your appearance, class, and race will be transferred. However, you must be at least level 20 and finish the Black Garden mission.

Revamped Crucible Mode

Destiny 2 Crucible

The Crucible is a good old-fashion player-versus-player (PVP) experience, and Destiny 2 is reworking it.

The first major change, and perhaps the most controversial is that they’re dropping a number of players allowed in a match. Originally, it was 6 on 6, but now it’s 4 on 4. You can see why this would be troublesome, as many players like to have two big armies against each other. But in the e-sports world, it may be beneficial. You know the saying, “too many cooks in the kitchen?” This happens a lot with large teams. It takes two bad teammates to spoil the other teammates’ performance. Also, too many teammates can lead to internal bickering and conflicting ideas on how to take down the other team. For hardcore players, a small group of people can make things much easier.

Besides that, the new Crucible will add a new HUD, which will make it easier to read your opponents. You can learn when they can use their supers, and if they’ve grabbed that Power Ammo. This can prepare you better for a possible surprise attack, adding more strategy to the game.

Clans Have Improved

Nothing like having your own clan in a game, right? Whether it’s a group of friends or teammates, a clan allows you to think you’re in a secret club, giving you, even more, investment in a game. In Destiny 1, you needed to create a private group on Bungie.net, so it wasn’t a feature of the game itself, but something you had to travel outside of the game to do, like the Grimoire Cards. This time, clans are built in the game. This allows you more variety in your clans and makes it much easier to keep everyone together. How exactly it will work is unknown, but it will be something that gives, even more, strategy to this game.

Destiny 2 on PC

Destiny 2 PCAs we mentioned, the PC version of Destiny 2 will be released down the road, with the PS4 and Xbox One getting access first. However, PC gamers usually end up with the last laugh, as the game is much improved and more customizable on the PC, making the wait well worth it.

Some of the features confirmed for the PC version include:

Battle.net support-We all know of Blizzard’s server, which is home to some of the biggest competitive games out there, including Overwatch. Battle.net was built for competition, and while Steam and Origin are great, Battle.net is the way to go if you want more competition. Destiny 2 is confirmed to be an exclusive on Battle.net, and we’re interested to see how that goes.

4K support- Slowly, 4K is being implemented into modern games, allowing for breathtaking visuals and a resolution so sharp you could pierce armor with it. The PC version will support 4K, allowing for even more immersion for players.

Uncapped framerate- Gamers, particularly PC players, have been complaining about games being locked at 30fps when it should be at least 60, and yet the console versions are locked at 30fps. Even the PS4 Pro can’t break the 30 barriers.

Mouse and Keyboard Support- And obvious one, but important. While some gamers like the comfort a controller have to offer, hardcore PC players swear by the mouse and keyboard, enjoying its customization and saying it’s much better for reaction times. The controller can make or break your performance; it’s not just an excuse a salty player makes when they lose, so having more controller options is always a plus.

Well, PC players can rejoice, as you can get up to 144 fps if you’re part of the PC crowd, and if your computer can handle it. The smooth movements will give players, even more, immersion and have them coming back for more.

And More!

As the game is some ways away, and still in beta testing, there are a lot of things we do not know about Destiny 2. But from what we’ve seen so far, it’s shaping up to be quite the sequel, and with its competition options, it can turn out to be the next great e-sport, going up there with Overwatch. Stay tuned, and we’ll give you updates as they trickle down, giving you more insight as to whether or not this game will be the sequel you’ve been waiting for.

Are you excited for Destiny 2? Are you skeptical? What would you like to see in the game, or what would you like changed from its prequel? Tell us below in the comments.

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