Free Same Day Assembly

Free Same Day Assembly



How it works


Detailed Instructions

1.) Scan the QR code found on the box your chair arrived at to download the TAKL app.
*Note: If your box did not come with a sticker and your purchase was made after April 9, then visit the App Store or Google Play store and search for "TAKL" to download the app.
2.) Open the TAKL app and search "Clutch Chairz" to find the Clutch Chairz assembly gig. Tap "Next" to add your Address, the time you want the chair to be assembled, and photos of the box. Then tap "Next" to continue.
3.) Once on the "Finalize Chore" page make sure to add the code that is on the sticker on your Clutch chair box to the section that says "Apply code or credit".
*Note: If your box did not come with a sticker e-mail us with your order number and if your chair was purchased after March 1st we will send you the code for your free assembly.

Back Story

At Clutch we understand that not everyone is mechanically inclined or may not have the ability to assemble a heavy chair. So we set out to find a solution. We feel fortunate to have found a company in Takl that is doing for Handyman services what Uber did for the Taxi Cab industry. The power of the Takl App can bring reliable Handyman/Odd Job providers to your door within minutes. You can see available providers in your area and read reviews before deciding.

How can we offer this service for free, you may ask. That's a good question. The answer is you. Takl knows that if customers use their service once they are very likely to use them again. For example, they may come to assemble your chair but you may also need your kitchen cleaned, or a leaky toilet fixed, etc. There is, of course, no obligation or pressure to use any other service. We do, however, encourage tipping the service provider if you feel they did a good job. This is really about the sharing economy, Takl takes a small percentage for their service and the majority goes to the local small business owner. Takl even pays them for the chair assembly and is taking that money out of their normal marketing budget.


TAKL is offering free assembly as for Clutch Chairz customers as part of our new partnership. Clutch Chairz is not responsible for any issues you may have with the service provider. Takl will be responsible for customer service issues related to their services. Standard Clutch Chairz warranty is still applied to all products. However, Clutch Chairz is not liable for any damages that may occur during assembly.
This is a limited time offer. Free service includes assembly only and does not include removal or disposal of packaging or any other services.