Why Your Gaming Chair is as Important as Your Mattress

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Why Your Gaming Chair is as Important as Your Mattress

Comfortable Mattress

The mattress is an important fixture of any home, and a lot of care goes into choosing one. After all, it’s the place where you spend a third of your life sleeping, so you want a mattress that’s comfy, gives you a good night’s sleep and doesn’t cause any issues, such as back pain.

So people will spend thousands on a mattress, making sure it suits them. However, not too many people will make the same investment for a gaming chair, or an office chair in general. They’ll purchase whatever is the cheapest and go about their day. This isn’t a good idea. Your chair should be just as good of an investment as your mattress, and here’s why.


You want a mattress that’s comfortable. You don’t want a hard bed straight out of The Flintstones, but you probably don’t want a bed like quicksand as well. Finding that balance that suits you is a journey, and it should be the same for your gaming chair. You’ll want one that feels nice to sit in, whether you’re a workaholic who can only play a few hours a week or a NEET who spends 8 hours playing every day. You don’t want to settle with a chair that feels uncomfortable after a while.

Clutch Chairz ReviewPosture

A good mattress will conform to your back shape, not bending it in odd angles throughout the night. Bad beds will make you wake up hurting, so buying a more expensive bed will save you trouble.

The same applies to a gaming chair. Cheap chairs will cause you to slouch or cut off the flow to your legs, causing some health issues down the line. A quality gaming chair knows your body and will reduce the chances of injury.


Way less serious than something like posture, but still important. Your bed matches your personality, whether it’s the style of blankets you have or how big your bed is. Your chair should do the same. A quality gaming chair will look flashy and come in all sorts of colors to best suit your mood. Like any piece of furniture, it should match you, and investing in a better chair will give you more variety to choose from.

Long Lasting

One reason why a person would skip a gaming chair is that they’re expensive. Why buy a chair that costs hundreds when you can get one for less than $50? Well, as the old cliché goes, you get what you pay for. Many don’t cut corners with their mattress because they know the mattress should last them for a chunk of their life. A cheap mattress will cause you to throw it away in the end, or you’ll be spending years dealing with a mattress that’s uncomfortable.

Same with your gaming chair. An intense gaming session may cause your chair some damage, and that’s no good. A quality gaming chair is built for those tough sessions, and will last you for years! It may be an investment in the beginning, but down the road, it’ll be the better value than going with a cheaply made office chair.

Those are plenty of reasons why you should invest in a gaming chair just like you would with a mattress. Clutch Chairz offers all of the above, and so much more. Look through our site, and see what we have to offer. You’ll find a chair that’s comfortable, stylish, conforms to your posture and will be there for you as you continue gaming for years. Get yourself a chair today.


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