Why should you buy a Clutch chair?

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High Density

Cold Cured Foam

The perfect blend of comfort and support.

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Vegan Leather

This extra-thick polyurethane leather looks and feels like real leather, is easy to maintain and is ethically sourced.

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Aluminum Base

Heavy duty based, custom design inspired by alloy wheels.

4D Armrests

Multiple adjustments allow you to find the perfect position.

Easy-Glide Castors

Durable PU coating that is safe for almost any surface.

Rest well in


Create the ultimate resting position by adjusting the seat and backrest separately.

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Lumbar support & Neck Pillow

Our large lumbar cushion is contoured to align your lumbar spine and support healthy posture. The neck pillow supports your head and neck while reclined.

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As Awesome As Expected

Was in serious need of a chair upgrade as I’d been using the same free plastic chair for 20+ years. With Covid all my classes have gone online and 50+ hours a week sitting at my desk was KILLING my back so I decided to finally go for it. The chair was pretty easy to assemble (only some mild confusion figuring out which screws went to the plastic covers). It is EXTREMELY comfortable, my back is already thanking me. Really love the border pattern and the brofist in the center is embroidered and has a lovely texture. It is truly a piece of art as much as it is a chair. As cool as floor gang is, chair gang all the way! Great way to support Pewdiepie and my back lol

star from a review on clutch chairz
Ashley Dunn - Oct 14, 2020
Los Angeles, CA

Comfiest 3 Days of my life.

I’ve had this chair for 3 days and I honestly never knew that a chair could make this big a difference. This chair has the highest quality I’ve seen in these type of chairs. Putting it together is pretty simple, I’ve never put any furniture together and I did it in maybe an hour. The LEDs are nice, bright, and add a very nice look to the chair as well. They’re powered by a power bank that you plug into the chair and the pocket that holds it at the bottom makes it look so clean. The seat part of the LEDs are connected by default, but you’ll have to connect the backrest part, it’s still super simple and the webpage for the chair shows how to do it. I’ve never bought from Clutch before but they’re now my go to for any of my office furniture needs.

star from a review on clutch chairz
Jason Jeffcott Jr - Sept 29th, 2020
Los Angeles, CA


Oh my sweet baby Jesus! This chair is worth EVERY penny! I hurt my back with my old "gaming chair". I decided enough was enough! Time to live large like PewDiePie! Subscribe & BUY this chair!

star from a review on clutch chairz
Amanda - Oct 8th, 2020
Los Angeles, CA

The Lambo of chairs!!!

I've only been using this chair for a day but my god I have never sat in a more comfortable, versatile, and high quality chair before. It is worth every single penny and the custom Pewdiepie design is so awesome!

star from a review on clutch chairz
Allison Erbacher - Sept 25th, 2020
Los Angeles, CA

Level up

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LED Edition

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