Clutch Ergonomic U-Shaped Gaming Desk (Black/White)
August 14, 2018
Clutch Ergonomic Rise Desk (Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk) (White/White)
November 15, 2018
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Clutch Ergonomic Rise Desk (Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk) (Black/Black)

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Height Adjustable Desks are now here at Clutch. Our Height-Adjustable Standing Desks are the industry standard in terms of quality and style. Perfect for gaming, work, studying, or anything else you need a desk for, our height adjustable desks are truly an upgrade for any room in the house or office. This is our height adjustable desk with black legs and the iconic black Clutch gaming desk mousepad topper.

Our height adjustable desks are jam-packed with standard features that you will never find on any other height adjustable desk on the market. At Clutch we not only believe in quality but also in value. Check out all the features below to see why this desk if the perfect desk for all your needs.

Overall Dimensions:

55″ Width x 27.5″ Depth 28-48″ Height


  • Ergo Edge design for improved wrist and forearm comfort
  • 4 Memory Options to save your favorite positions
  • Straight edge design makes the desk look even sleeker and allows you to add any accessories easily
  • 25mm/sec speed will help you adjust your desk to any height quickly

LED MOUSEPAD TOPPER – Included Free for the first 200 orders

  • Fast Charging Wireless Charger to conveniently charge your phone
  • Customizable RGB Strip
  • Oversized Mousepad Desk Topper
  • $149 VALUE