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We needed a chair for our office (body shop) but all the chairs we kept getting were falling apart rather quickly (due to the nature of being in a body shop). Our chairs would smell really bad after a while. I purchased this Clutch chair thinking it looks better but I did not realize how much better it really is. I recently bought 3 more for the rest of my staff. Apparently the steel framing is treated so it will never have that same smell that I experienced with my other chairs. Top quality chair, perfect for the car lovers like me.

Big Shoutout TO @ClutchChairz for this Awesome New Chair that will aide in Clutch negotiations for TitusWorldWide & TitusBrand Business

I was couch shopping the other day. Saw office chairs on wheels for $1800 bucks. I dig the Clutch.

Since I often sit for long periods of time at the computer, the chair is also great in it has the option to recline and rock back. The sleek appearance and polyurethane (PU) upholstery makes it the sports car of chairs. The neck pillow and lumbar support also add to the comfort.

Once I heard about the WWE line I was really excited because I heard Sasha Banks was going to get her own chair. I immediately ordered during the Memorial Day sale and once I received my chair I couldn’t be happier. It wasn’t until I put the chair together that I realized why it’s so expensive. Sturdy, high quality, and a total head turner. This chair is a must for all Sasha fans!